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If you are diagnosed with a cavity in your tooth, the procedure to fix that cavity is commonly called “getting a filling”. If you have decay in your tooth that needs to be removed and the hole that is left behind is what is filled. At Stahly Family Dentistry we use 2 major techniques for filling teeth. Resins, or tooth colored fillings, are bonded to the tooth and shaped to be comfortable. Alloy, or silver colored fillings, are locked into the tooth mechanically. In our Muncie practice, we do tooth colored fillings 90% of the time. Patients like having a filling that matches the tooth, even in the back of the mouth. Also, due to the bonding procedure, these types of fillings tend to be less sensitive to cold in the weeks after placement. If the patient prefers more traditional fillings, silver fillings still work very well and, due to less material and time involved, can often be placed for slightly less cost. Dr. Stahly and his dental staff, both front and back office, involve the patient in the filling process and make sure all questions and concerns are addressed before the procedure is begun.


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