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Insurance and payment options...

Dental insurance can be a confusing topic, due to every plan from every employer or benefit group having its own rules and limitations. Finding out what the benefits are can be a time consuming task. This article will use a couple of paragraphs to give an overview of how our office handles dental insurance.

In our office, we accept all insurance and will file your claims electronically. We are preferred providers for Delta Dental, MetLife, and Anthem. Being a preferred provider means less out-of pocket expense for patients. Our front office staff can often help with your dental benefits and determine what benefits are covered under various plans. We can then estimate what your possible out of pocket expense will be. Have your insurance card available and benefits can be determined, often in less than 5 minutes.

Our office is also a provider for Medicaid services. As above, have your insurance card available and benefits can be determined over the phone or immediately before your appointment. With Medicaid, benefits can change on a daily basis so it is important to always bring your current insurance card to every appointment.

Finally, insurance is not required to be a patient in our office. We treat each patient and case individually and develop treatments plans in conjunction with our patients to reach dental health. If payment is a problem, no interest finance options with CareCredit ( are available. Costs and payment options are discussed with each patient before treatment is begun to eliminate surprises and to make all aspects of the dental experience more comfortable.

As always, the above descriptions are brief and general. To discuss any topics in more detail, please call or email our office. See the contact us section of this website.


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